Thursday, February 24, 2011

Well finally back home after almost four weeks traveling south of Argentina. My first morning home I awoke to smoke rising from the trees on the back of the property. My wonderful neighbor Dan had gone ahead and applied for burn permits. We burned branch piles for three days this past week until the tractor broke. The loader joystick went limp and floppy after one of the pivot pins broke. I have ordered parts from East Tractor, I will see how quick they arrive or if I need to try a new dealer. They did reply to my email and advise that the design has changed, eliminating the plastic balls and replacing them with stainless pins and balls.

I am looking for recommendations or reviews of a small disc harrow, thinking this might be a cheaper easier alternative to a PTO tiller.

Next update after the tractor is fixed and burning some diesel at $3.80 a gallon!

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